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 13 Going On 30  28 Days Later  28 Weeks Later  Aliens  Avengers  Beetlejuice  Book Thief  Braveheart  Breakfast Club  Bridge to Terabithia  Critters 3  Dark Knight  Dirty Dancing  Edward Scissorhands  Empire Records  Enchanted  Freddy vs Jason  Genre: Horror  Grease  Gremlins  Guardians of the Galaxy  Hachiko  Hannibal series  Harry Potter series  Hot Fuzz  Inception  Iron Man  Jaws  Jurassic Park  Jurassic Park series  Jurassic Park: The Lost World  Labyrinth  Les Miserables  Little Shop of Horrors  Mamma Mia!  Mummy, The  Musicals  Now & Then  Pet Sematary  Phantom of the Opera  POTC series  POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl  Pretty in Pink  Prince of Persia  Prometheus  Rocky Horror Picture Show  Saw series  Saw VI  Shaun of the Dead  Shawshank Redemption  Silence of the Lambs  Sleepy Hollow  Star Trek  Stardust  Strangers, The  Suicide Squad  Terminator 2  The Shining  Titanic  Warm Bodies

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